The Better Era after the Death of Saddam Hussein

The Better Era after the Death of Saddam HusseinMany people in the world know the name of Saddam Hussein, one of the biggest dictators that ever lived. That is because man years ago when he was leading Iraq, he ruled this country in a bad manner so that he was quite famous with the things that he had done. Fortunately, the people fought back because they felt that fighting back was the only choice that they have if they want to survive and that worked out quite well. After some years of fight, the regime was collapsed and Saddam Hussein was captured to be given the death penalty in his own country. That was the start of a new life in many aspects that you can find in Iraq, including the social and political condition.

Many people believed that the political condition in Iraq would get better after the end of the Saddam Hussein era. That is because the potential candidates to lead Iran were not as bad as Saddam Hussein himself was. It is true that there are a lot of problems that this country had to deal, but closing the worst case is the best step that this nation had ever taken. The main problem is the fact on this case inĀ that the political condition in Iran is not going as what man experts have expected. There are a lot of reasons why the political condition is not going as good as what many experts have expected, but corruption is the major issue that this country had to deal with.

For your information, on the era of Saddam Hussein, corruption was a major issue, but this condition is like something that you will hear every single day. That is one reason why many people think of corruption as a habit in their life, especially for the people who run the government with Saddam Hussein. As the result, there are a lot of current government members who still have the similar ideals about the corruption. Yes, that is one big problem that this nation had to deal because until this time there are still a lot of government members with the corruption issue under their name and they are still running their department. Many people believed that the corruption is one thing that they need to deal first if they want to expect the better nation after the era of Saddam Hussein. The corruption needs to be demolished for the better of this nation.

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