Get Know Further About Sharif Ali bin al-Hussein

Sharif Ali bin al-Hussein

While you are the people of Iraq and you want to choose the politic party which can bring the best solution for the citizen as well as the country, you need to know further about them well. It is to ensure that you pick the best and right politic party for the next 5 year. Today, the politic on Iraq is using the federal democracy government. As we know, there are many problems that the country had and it needs the best solution for it. Some of Iraq people prefer to change the politic view to be the monarchy. They believe that monarchy can unify the country in the best way. Thus, to get this kind of politic changes, some people established the new politic party in 2003 which is named as Iraqi Constitutional Monarchy. Bettors of the always update info of the country’s politic.

This party has its own goal to change the democracy to the monarchy. This political party is lead by Sharif Ali bin al-Hussein. Before you are choosing this politic party, it will be better if you know first about the background of its leader itself and decide whether he can bring the Iraq to get the monarchy or not. To choose the politic party, it will be better if you know about the leader itself. Well, he was born in 1956 in Baghdad, Iraq. He claims to be legitimate heir the position of King Iraq because his relationship with the last monarch that is the late King Fasial II.

His first maternal cousin was the last king of Iraq, Fasial II, and also his maternal grandfather was the last king of Hejaz, Ali bin Hussein. He earned his high school diploma from the Brummana High School in Lebanon, his BA in Economics from the University of Nottingham, and also his MA in Economics from the University of Essex. He remained the opponent rule of Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein. He believed that monarch is the best options for Iraq to unify all the people, pride, and honor and so that is why together with the monarch beliefs, they established their politic party which it exists in Iraq nowadays. You also can choose them if you want to get the monarchy politic in this country as well.

You just have to believe to him that he can bring the best solutions for their country’s problem by changing the political view to the monarchy one. They politic party also has clear goals which can they reach together to get better future life in Iraq. With the leader of this politic party will help the others to get the best solution one. You also need to know that Sharif Ali bin al-Hussein does not believe to the military solution for their problem because he asks to start the negotiations to solve it. He also knows that the majority people in Iraq welcome to the return of monarchy because many of them believe that the monarchy is the best system which will guarantee the reunification of the Iraqi society itself. And the information above is always needed by bettors of the

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