Reasons to Choose Iraq Constitutional Monarchy


If you are the citizen of Iraq, you must know well about the politic party which you need to point out. It is to ensure that you chose the right and best politic party which can run the country to be better one. There are many politic parties which you can see on this country and one of them is Iraqi Constitutional Monarchy. As we know, the politics in Iraq today is using the federal democracy government which rules out the country to get the best one. Even if this country is using the democracy one, there are many citizens who want to change their politic to the Monarch. They believe that if the politic is changed to the Monarchy, their country will get better than it. What has happened in Iraq is also paid attention to bettors of poker online

Monarchy is one of the forms of government which generally exercises the role of sovereignty, embodies the country’s national identity, and a family representing a dynasty. The power of this politic may vary from the purely symbolic of what it’s chosen. If you are the one who wants to change the politic in this country, you can choose this politic party which can help you to get it. You need to know that the leader of this politic party is Sharif Ali bin al-Hussein. The ideology of this party is using the Hashemite and Constitutional monarchy, and Centrism. Their national affiliation is the National Iraqi Alliance. It was established in 2003 and had the headquarters of this politic party is in Iraq. This politic party has its own goal which can help you to re-change the politic view on this country. The goals’ summary of this Iraqi Constitutional Monarchy is:

  • They will uphold the unity of Iraq nation and also they will maintain its sovereign independence
  • They also will bring the Iraq to change the democracy to the monarchy and get better solution for their country’s problem
  • They also will affirm that Iraq is the Islamic identity and respecting to the other beliefs and religions and get recognizing their inviolable rights
  • They also will draft a permanent constitution to be confirmed by the citizen if a free public referendum
  • They will implement direct and free national referendum to help them deciding the nature of Head of State and also the government
  • They also will bring the Monarch to be the symbol of the unity of the pride, people, and honor of this country in the best way
  • They will uphold the Basic Human Right principals based on the International Institutions and also the United Nations
  • And many more goals from this politic party

Those are the goals of this politic party which can help to get the new politic in Iraq. You just have to believe that this politic party will help the Iraq to get out from the problems in the best way. Thus, if you want to get the Monarchy politic, you can choose this politic party and get many differences from this politic. No mattar what happens, gamblers of the poker concerns about politic in the country.

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